Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mantua Maker Stays Progress

Ahhh finally I've gotten around to making some progress with my stays. This morning I completed the mock up and am getting ready to hit up the fabric store to pick up my fabric for the real thing. I've decided that for my first attempt at a corset that I really should try to cut my costs as much as possible. So instead of using coutil I'll be looking at using cotton duck and denim for my lining and interlining. Possibly even linen if I can find it without stretch. I'm undecided on what the outer-ling ought to be. I'm also using heavy duty cable ties in place of metal boning. I've tested it out on the mock up and it really seems like it will be able to stand up. I found a few yards of cording in my sewing supplies and that I'll be using for lacing, which makes it seem almost like it's free. ;)  My dear husband took a trip to Harbor Freight and picked up a grommet setter for $3.00 that came with 100 grommets in the right size. Astounding seeing as how JoAnn's wanted $22.00 for the same thing without grommets. And for my busk I'll be on the hunt for a wooden ruler at the hardware store. Other miscellaneous supplies include my husband's leather punch, masking tape and packing tape.

Here is the front of the mock up with the supplies mentioned previously.
The back view with cable ties taped in. You can see on the left side of the photo where I've taped a gusset up after trying to get into it by myself I ripped it there and also in the hip. But thankfully it wasn't the real thing.
Here are the holes I punched to be able to try it on for fit. I taped in the ties and then taped a scrap of muslin over them and the edge to add some strength so that it could be laced up without tearing it all to pieces.
This was right before I started to cut out the slits for the bust gussets.
Those darn things just wouldn't be pinned down. That was more frustrating than anything else.
Getting ready to put int he hip gussets.

With any luck I should soon be doing this all over again and for real this time. For now I'm off to JoAnn's with a little giddy up in my step and a smile. ;)

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