Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh the suspense!

Just recently I happened to be in Jo Ann's and they had a sale on for dress forms ($50 off the price) well naturally not owning one myself I wanted one. For weeks now I've been fantasizing about fitting garments on a form and not having to get laced up every time I want to check the fit. But I've also been agonizing about the size. So anyhoo I have my husband with me at the fabric store. A rare event. And he convinces me to "...just buy the darn thing." So I did and *sigh* I get it home and I've purchased the wrong size. So the very next day I take it back and I go through returning it. But as luck would have it I found the particular brand in the "Deluxe" model on for less than a base model of the same brand. So now I'm congratulating myself on my super shopper savvy seeing as how i got a deal and it was on sale plus everything on there ships for under $3. Point to me ;) But now the waiting starts and this perfectly good three day weekend is going to be without any dress sewing but that's alright I spent exorbitant amounts on flowers and feathers for the Hat Extravaganza! As in a previous post I'd mentioned I'd like to make a beret and I'll be trying for a Great Hat. But more on that later here's a pic of my soon to be best friend.

Happy sewing.

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