Sunday, January 15, 2012

Laughing Moon Corset: Back from the drawing board

I went back and re-cut the muslin for this corset with a smaller bust gusset and it turned out pretty good. I also padded my dress form more appropriately to more accurately represent the fluff. ;)

  There will need to be some trimming done at the end before they are bound otherwise they might just be about an inch too long.

I have to make sure to keep that two inch lacing gap it calls for. I'm currently trying to lessen my fluffiness and would like to keep this corset and not have to cannibalize it to make a smaller one.

I sewed all day yesterday...well it felt like all day...and I only ended up completing the busk insertion and preparing the back for grommet placement. I was so worked up about not making any huge mistakes. I did end up having to re-cut some fabric for one half of the front piece. Before starting I skipped over to Joanne's for some better fabric for the outside layer and snagged some twill on sale, the back layer in cotton duck.

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