Friday, January 13, 2012

Tricky Tricky

So recently I reordered Janet Arnolds Patterns of Fashion from the library to be able to trace some accurate patterns to enhance the authenticity of my costuming and it is literally doing my head in. I haven't the fainest clue where to start and being none too bright in the math department I'm just plain stuck. I figure here are my options for enlarging the patterns:

  • Buy an overhead projector (costly).
  • Spend hours staring at my computer using Photoshop Elements to possibly enlarge them (lots of ink and paper lost).
  • Or trace them by hand and hope that I get it right (time consuming and hit or miss).

I've done a small amount of perusal around the web and found one possibly helpful blog tutorial for the computer method but alas it isn't for Photoshop Elements. I went and purchased a cardboard version of a quilt cutting mat and am going to Joann's today in search of a s-curve ruler to draw all the lovely curves. If anyone has suggestions, instructions, or actual directions please do let me know.


I've been on sort of a library book binge, requesting as many book on historical fashion as I can. Luckily the San Diego County Library is connected to the universities here and I've gotten some great books such as:

  • V&A Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Fashion in detail
  • Patterns of Fashion 1: English Womens Dresses & Their Construction 1660-1860
  • Fitting & Proper : 18th century clothing from the collection of the Chester County Historical Society
  • British Textiles : 1700 to the Present
  • Textiles in America, 1650-1870 
  • Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh  

There are wonderful patterns, information and pictures contained within all of these books which make for excellent morning coffee time perusal.


Thread-Head said...

Alas! I had the same problem with scaling the Janet Arnold patterns. Ultimately, I managed to locate an ancient overhead projector and went the "drawing on the walls" route. You may be able to rent one from the Library. Also, do you like the British Textiles book? I don't know anyone who has it personally and I've been thinking about purchasing it. Just found your blog! Very nice!

Kate said...

British Textiles : 1700 to the Present had a ton of color images with descriptions and close up photos. Unfortunately I only had a little time to thumb through it prior to having to return it to the library....damn due dates. I'd see about getting it at your local lib first to see.