Sunday, February 20, 2011

Le Polonaise Dress Up and Wig Practice

I finally got around to putting on the Polonaise dress again and got my husband to play photographer. I have to look at it as critically as possible and im not super satisfied with it.

Im seriously considering cutting down the bodice for a little more space for my chest. And so it doesn't close my face in as much. Well on to the wig. It a cheapy I picked up during Halloween and just never used until this evening.  And here is the result.

I'm happy with this practice wig, it turned out pretty good. I have to head off to work here soon so I wasn't able to add side curls and a love lock. Even though the quality of the wig is questionable I've gotten the idea of how putting one together works. Well off to get ready for work Happy sewing. ;)


Margravine Louisa said...

I think your polonaise turned out lovely - certainly a lot better than my first one, which fell prey to some disastrous sewing errors. As for unfinished work, I share your habit .... soemtimes I realize the mistake half way thru and don't have the courage to persever. Good for you!

Kate said...

Oh yeah the first two tries were beyond frustrating. And this one slightly less. ;)