Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Always more to do.....

I've jumped back in the sewing saddle and worked furiously on my robe a l'anglaise. It went amazing quickly, I attribute this to having completed one gown from the same pattern. Which is kinda annoying... due to the fact that they are annoyingly similar from behind. Hmmmm. Some food for thought for me I guess.

Back View
               I'm rather happy with the way the pleats turned out. 
I was much more careful and didn't rush through it with my only goal to be finished.         

Close up of pleats. I pleated them in a different direction this time and I'm happy with the results.

Frumptacular much?

 Not sure if I'm diggin the ruffled petticoat with this or at all really. It reminds me of a tablecloth my sister had way back in the early 90's. I just wanted to see how one would go with this. I'd planned on using a white batiste to make one but I may just go with plain.

As for adding trimming for this dress I'm using an example from my Fashion: A history from the 18th and 19th Century.

Around the top of the bodice, down the front and around the sleeve there is a double layer of sheer pleated material. I'll pick up some organza in white for this. On top of that there is a ribbon. I'm thinking of trying to find a velvet ribbon in a complementary color. Also down the front there are buttons and I'd like to try my hand at using self fabric ones. If not a nice metal button should be alright.

When I'm all done I have to work on accessories for this one. I just never seem to be finished.

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Lauren R said...

I think it's looking quite lovely! The coral petticoat perhaps takes away from the subtlety in the green fabric of the gown, so I like your idea of going with something more neutral. It will come out fabulously in the end, you'll see :-)