Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Round Gown Fitting

 Some time back I had seen the post Setting 18th Century Sleeves the 18th Century Way by Lauren Reeser from American Duchess So today when I came to the part of attaching my sleeves to my bodice I decided to do things the real way for once. To my amazement it's really very easy. I modified the procedure just slightly by starting with my shoulder strap attached to the front. My pattern happens to have you do this anyway but a comment left by a reader on the aforementioned post states that this is how it was done anyway.

 I'm sorry to say I don't have any detail shots of the actual procedure. But here you can see I used three pleats in order to get all of the fabric to fit, keeping the majority of the fullness to the back. After I had already gotten everything attached I started having an issue with the neckline. By attaching the shoulder strap in this fashion I was able to take it apart and remove about an inch of fabric from the shoulder fixing the neckline.

 Overall the underarm in my sleeves have never been more comfortable and I was saved from having to rip the whole thing apart. So kudos to the Duchess for another super helpful tutorial.

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