Saturday, November 12, 2011

Round Gown

I'm using the Rocking Horse Farm pattern set. This dress was also going to be worn for the costumed Colonial dinner.

 Here is the original mauve fabric. Blah.

My super high tech dye bath. I didn't want to ruin my sink, tub or washing machine so I got a bucket at the hardware store. I dyed the fabric twice using 2 bottles of Rit dark brown dye. Spending thirty minutes a piece stirring the wicked brew.

It looks a drab brown here but in reality came out a purple brown.


Additional items I plan to include are:

  • Cloak (long or short? Wool or Wool/Felt Blend)
  • Apron (Linen)
  • Mitts 
  • Cap (Linen)
  • Straw Hat

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