Saturday, January 28, 2012

Corded Petticoat: Complete

So here it is and I'm not completely pleased with the outcome. But lets be honest, who is ever completely satisfied? In the end I technically finished it twice. After going with the outline I found the petti was considerably wider than I had anticipated. So I took the waistband off and cut out around 15 in. Hmmm thinking that might have been too much.

But I did that because I didn't want it to :
1) Cave in on it's self or
2) get caught up in my legs when walking.

I did 37 lines of cording in all. The entire process of sewing in the cord was super easy but extremely boring.  This for sure is a project that I wouldn't mind revisiting in the future to make improvements to.

But after walking around it in for a few minutes it doesn't seem so bad. I'll have to wait and see how it holds up under a few more layers.

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Lizzie Siddal said...

Grats! It looks cool^^