Monday, February 6, 2012

Kannik's Korner: Womens and Girls Caps

So here is the Kannik's Korner Caps pattern. I started with view A the Round Eared Cap with a single ruffle. I liked the pattern overall, it gives directions for the correct hand sewing stitches to be used and so on. I completely hand sewed mine.....ugh.
 So after I finished the cap I eagerly placed it atop my head's a cap. I'll have to start over unfortunately because the cap is slightly small for me. Even with my hair in a bun it doesn't want to stay on my head.

 And the ruffle looks ok on the foam head but on me it isn't all that flattering. So I'll give the pleated double or single edging a try.

 Well at least the foam head is modestly attired now ;)

 I'll be interested to see what it will look and feel like in linen instead of cheap muslin. I have it waiting in my stash just asking to be made into a cap.
Perhaps I'll go the rout of Claire Fraser and stoutly refuse to wear one.

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