Monday, February 27, 2012

Hat Overload

I hit up Target the other day in search of a large straw hat to use with my 1912 costume and I came across some super fun finds in the accessories department.

Target has at least four different varieties of boaters.
I took this particular one home with me and decided to change it from Granny going to church, to a 1912 hat.

 I sewed on two layers of tulle over the crown and two more around the crown, I then glued on the flowers. I would love to pair this with a gibson girl blouse and a dark skirt for a lower class impression.

Here is my inspiration for this hat. These two are my favorite characters from Downton Abby.

Target also has a wide selection of cloche hats.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a before pic of this hat but it was very simply decorated with a cream grosgrain ribbon. I think one may be my favorite.

The hat on Edith (right) was my inspiration. It's just too bad I haven't been able to find a hat with a similar shape. Then it would have been perfect. Unfortunately this hat was worn in a scene where the start of WWI was announced. Making it too late to wear to a 1912 event.

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