Sunday, September 23, 2012

Current and Future Projects

  Good Morning from the sewing room cats!

 Today I wanted to throw out my new 18th Century projects. I'm still on this hand sewing kick and have started a new set of hopefully better stays.
They are the half boned stays from JP Ryan. The outer and inner layers are linen with 2 inner layers of canvas and another stiff fabric. I decided they were slightly too thin and light with only the three layers.

Here is the fabric I found and the JP Ryan Jacket pattern. So I spent around two hours looking for a fabric that would be remotely acceptable for this pattern and I found this. I go to the cutting counter and the girl who is cutting my fabric calls it..... "retro"...... thank you for squashing my confidence. Now whenever I look at this fabric all I can imagine is the big spoon and fork from my Grandmothers 1970's kitchen. Oh well its purchased and it's going to be used.

 I found this cameo pendant at Hobby Lobby and converted it into a pin for my German Day Dress. That poor project is on the back burner...again.  : /

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