Sunday, September 8, 2013

Update Summer 2013

So as per usual I haven't posted in FOREVER. I wanted to take the time to update on the few happenings from this summer.
 To start off I did finally finish the corded stays. I'm stoked with how awesome they came out. Too bad I've already gained weight and can't fit into them. I have a very good reason for that.
I did just finish myself a pair of maternity stays! And they are giant! I'm hoping to wear these in February to Dickens festival and I'll just be huge then, my due date being March 8 2014.
I cannot wait until I get to 20 weeks and we can find out if we will be having a boy or girl.
I've not had to chance to pad my dress form so it does look less than attractive.
I lengthened the gusset by an inch and went with a D cup. This corset will have plenty of growing room in it. I don't have the busk in because I forgot to make the opening for it....but I will add a short busk otherwise the gussets will be...floppy.   : /
The lacing should hopefully help to expand while I expand, keeping pressure off of my stomach.

Coming next I'll be making a cap. I feel that if a married woman from the 1840's would have worn it I should too. It would feel like cheating if I didn't.

I also picked up this bonnet form. I had purchased buckram with the intent of making one myself. And after struggling with trying to get the shape right I just gave up. .As a bonus it did come in this nifty box which I can use to store my completed piece in afterward. I might try and make a pattern from this so that I won't have to purchase more.
 I mean really, having just one bonnet seems absurd.  ;)


Thread-Head said...

Congratulations!! So happy to hear of your good news! I love both sets of stays. I'm still in the "mock" phase of my own. One day...

Kate said...

Thanks much! ;)