Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1840's Day dress: Reloaded Take Two

Hola! Back to work again on the Day Dress: Take Two. After reading that Dickens will be on Feb 22nd and 23rd, I'm slightly reluctant to be too far away from home so close to my due date. But onward and upward the "Mumu" must be finished. This is essentially what I'm making. At any rate the changes to the pattern have turned out fairly well. I did also happen to find a dress at the Met Museum that does sport a straight waist. I had been concerned about historical accuracy even though I was going to wear the Mumu anyway. Comfort is comfort at this point.
 Here is the new neckline with the piping sewn in, by hand of course. The pattern states that you must use piped facing for the neckline and waistline. Honestly I don't know why it calls for this but I followed the piper and made it with piped facing.
 And here we have the mostly completed base dress. The pleating on the Mumu took FOREVER, we're talking like 4 hours total. I hate pleats now.....just FYI.
From the front it doesn't look so bad. But from the side....well it leaves a lot to be desired. I'll have to get into it and take a few pictures to tell but I think I could have cut the waist a little shorter.
I'm not sure if the corset I made will be comfortable enough to wear by the end of Feb. so I may have to just wear a modern bra with this. Gag! It makes my toes curl thinking about it. I shouldn't throw stones, ya know glass houses and all, but I can't stand to see women in period garb with a modern bra.
And lastly the dress from The Met. It's obviously very basic, front closing and so on. The museum dates in ca. 1940. I'm willing to go along with that.


Time Traveling in Costume said...

Blessings on your upcoming arrival but I do hope you're able to at least attend Dickens this year and come to the fashion show. Its been better every year and I'm throwing myself into it so much. Last year I put on the 2nd half of the show, and was in it, for One Hundred Years of Mourning Fashion. The mourning bit has stuck with me so I have a few more under construction.
I've been looking at doing an 1840s dress too, probably TV 454 German Day Dress, to be Jane Eyre at another English Authors picnic in Balboa Park.
If you're not able to attend Dickens, I'm sad but wish you a healthy baby and maybe see you around again someday.

Kate said...

Thank you very much! I was aware of the fashion show and I did really like the bloomers outfit and your mourning gown. I saw them both on your blog and on the Dickens website. I hope I'll be able to go. Otherwise all this fuss will have been for naught! Thanks again.