Thursday, February 20, 2014

1840 "Boots": Complete?

I have been being extremely lazy these days. And who could blame me I feel like I'm about to explode... But I digress, here is what I'm hoping will be the finished boots.

And yes I can actually put them on and walk in them. Stunned? Me too. The sad part is that I don't think I'll make it to Dickens. I'll never forgive myself if I'm in Riverside and go into labor. We will have to see what my midwife says.  : (
I was toying with the idea of adding a piece of suede onto the toe. But I don't know if I care enough at this point. Especially after the struggle I had sewing the upper to the flat. I broke two carpet needles and have various puncture wounds. As usual I sacrificed blood to my project.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They look very nice. Since these are faux Victorian boots,
couldn't you use some faux suede fabric and attach the 'suede' with fabric glue? It would save your fingers.