Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shoot for the moon!

So I kinda have a crazy idea.......I want to make some boots.
Whew! I said it, err typed it.

I had found a pair of booties at Wal-Mart for super cheap that I thought would work well for a day's use. Well turns out they are out of stock in every size. Which is beyond me because they were not attractive. But then I had a thought, maybe I could make my own 1840's style boot. So here is what I've though up initially. The idea will be to take a cheap pair of flats and make an upper to be sewn onto them.

So here are the three generations of the pattern I mocked up last night. I used my Roper boots to start and traced those. Then I sewed the first pattern and made adjustments from there for a better shape. I've left the toe portion square in order to fit it onto the flats I buy.
 And today I made a "cast" of my foot with duct tape and cling wrap. I stuffed it with printer paper to give it weight.
 I almost let myself cannibalize a pair of flats I already own but decided I liked them too much.

Lastly the upper I've put together. This one is made of canvas with muslin lining and exterior. I still need to decided exactly where I'll place the lacing on the side. The reason I made the cast of my foot and calf.  I intend to go and get fabric today and I'm thinking maybe a grey or black wool and grosgrain ribbon to line the edges.

Here are some extant examples that I was looking at while making the pattern. I've discarded the idea that I'll get a square toe or an exact replica of the shape. But it's fun to give it a try. Wish me luck!


Eleonora Amalia said...

Funny, I had the same idea some time ago! I even found some agreeable patterns on Pinterest but scales them wrong every time and the "upper" part just wouldn't cover my flats, duh. I'm really curious about your version!

Kate said...

I feel like I saw someone else doing this on another blog as well. I can't place where I saw it. Either way if it comes out remotely useable I'll be excited. : )