Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1863 Sheer Dress

My current project is the 1863 Sheer Dress pattern from Truly Victorian. I'm using a beige plaid for the main fabric and a plum cotton for my piping and buttons. Having worked with TV patterns previously I was prepared for the method of sizing that is used. As per usual though my bust measure skewed my bodice front size and I had to take a shot in the dark on that. Happily I was correct in my choice and was able to move on from my muslin quickly.
 Please excuse my cell phone photos, my photographer was otherwise engaged with the baby.
After making a few small sizing adjustments I went ahead and cut into my fabric. I'd bought this bolt nearly two years ago and have been saving it for this project specifically. Since then Joann's had discontinued it. So if I flubbed it I was up sugar creek. Even though I'm not wearing or making a hoop, because I simply don't have the time, I will still need to omit one panel from the skirt to have enough fabric to finish.    
My corset was made prior to having my son and now my cups runneth over. The lining is stretched pretty tight but the outer fabric is doing alright.
I decided to change the sleeve cuff and add a button closure. The cuff  needed to be wide to get your hand through but it looked really bad. Having never done one without a pattern before it took some time to figure out. Well worth it. 
I have four days left to finish this and will need to sew like mad, or madder than I already am to get it finished. Just to get my mind organized I'll list it here.

To Do: 
  • Pipe and apply waistband.
  • Measure and cut skirt panels.
  • Sew skirt to bodice and hem.
  • Make and sew on buttons.

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