Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Mantua Maker: Regency Corset

Eeeeeeeek! This project is a tiny bit scary, the pattern has been sitting in my sewing closet for over a month now and I haven't had the courage to touch it yet. So far I've gotten to the point where i cut out the pattern on tracing fabric. And I'm getting ready to cut into my muslin to check for sizing. The only bad thing is that I've never worn a Regency corset, let alone any other kind. About as close as I've come to one is a seriously tight laced bodice for the Ren Fair. And that probably won't be close. Hmm I might have to consult the RSA for some answers. But that migth be as far as I get for now due to the outrageously nasty sun burn I got over the weekend end. Note to self wear sun block and pray this thing turns into a tan. ;)

Past Projects

Simplicity 4055

This was the first sewing solo project ever, and let me tell you I thought I was going to tear out my hair on this one. Below are the pictured of the finished project. In the pictures I look fairly crabby because I just put it on and realized that the gathering on the bust was completely off. I still need to revisit this dress and cut the sleeves of to a 3/4 length and take to bodice apart. Then again it may just inhabit the back of the closet for forever....

And I had completely forgotten about the back of the darn thing. It just gets worse and worse. lol

Butterick B 4890

I've had the most success with this pattern and I really like the way it looks. Although I think I'll have to try a pattern with a cross front or a v neck design. I haven't played around with adding any trim ti any of my dresses yet

This pic we took just after I finished my very first successful dress I finished it at about 10:00 at night. I accidentally made it a size too large but I was just too excited to really care at this point. I decided to just use the dress and not make the robe. But it came out fairly well.

This green dress is my third finished project so far. Id have to say I've done my best so far on this dress and put in the most effort.

The back came out really well although I'm not sure how this will fit over stays. Hmmmm.

Since I finished the robe I shortened it so it's about an inch or two longer than the dress. It was pretty but I figured it would place the dress earlier in the Regency and that wasn't the look I was going for.

And finally this is the latest dress that I've made form this pattern. On this one I kept the robe long. I just couldn't bring myself to cut off the fabric. The red just looks so nice against the white muslin. ;)


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