Monday, August 27, 2012

Misc. Busy Work

 So I haven't had any time recently to work on a major project due to work. And today I'm stuck home sick as a dog. So I figured I'd try to keep myself from going stir crazy and put up what I have been working on.

I first tried my hand at making miniature portraits as shown in the the AD blog. I unfortunately purchased items that were too small to pass for portraits frames. So after hours of figuring out how to make my printer print pictures on photo paper I ended up with this little piece. Once you get the hang of making them they are kinda fun.

Next I moved on to working on another cap from the Kannik's Corner pattern. I used real linen, a larger head piece and pleated the ruffle this time. It turned out wonderful! Paying more attention to the period correct hand sewing instructions paid off. I can now say that I truly enjoy to hand sew.

Last night to pass the time I made a pocket, once again from linen. I hand sewed it as well. I feel a much greater sense of accomplishment when I finish a hand sewn item than when I use my machine. I have also purchased two new patterns from The Recollections of JP Ryan. I picked up the Half Boned Stays and the Jacket patterns. I'm going to be brave and try to hand sew both as well. 
Wish me luck.