Saturday, March 16, 2013

1845 Day Dress: Back on the burner!

 I felt it was time to dust this project off once again. I've been home sick....again...and I needed something desperately to distract myself. Here are some photos what was supposed to be cartridge pleating and the almost finished dress.

I've never tried this technique before so I went ahead and looked it up. I found a video where the woman was using embroidery floss, something to mark the distance between the pleats and a large needle. So I had at it using a ruler to mark off 1 inch sections.
Testing to see what it might end up looking like.

And all pulled up.

In the end I didn't attach it correctly and it came out jut looking pleated instead. Oh well the next time I give this a try I'll take a stab at it.

With ruffled petticoat.
With ruffled petticoat.
So after working at it most of the day I had this to show for it.

 Personally I like it much better with the ruffled petticoat but I guess for just around the house wear it would be ok. This morning I made some further adjustments.

 I added back in the sleeve jockey to break up and add some extra detail and I slimmed down the sleeves.

I had pinned up the bottom in preparation to hem it and realized when I put it on to check, that I need to roll up another 3 inches or so.