Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jane Eyre 2011

This particular version stole my heart. The combination of actors in this film was what did it for me. And so it has inspired me to go down the road of early Victorian clothing. 

This pattern is from Truly Victorian, I purchased it this morning and I've been thinking to myself I really know zilch about this era. Please excuse me if anyone out there who reads this is a super big fan of the later Victorian fashion but I've always held a small amount of disdain for it. So I'm setting out with the intent to stay as early as possible without getting too close to the *shiver*
Romantic Era....ugh.

 Here are some of the costumes from the film.

And a little inspiration from my own family for when I move further into the Victorian Era.

Arabella Deville (Mother)

Bellise Deville (Daughter)

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