Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some much needed inspiration

I have recently had a bit of a sewing block over the Mantua Maker Stays and have been needing some inspiration and encouragement to actually get them started. The very thought of diving into that project has rendered me completely useless. I've found myself trolling other people blogs going green with envy at the sight of their superb gowns. But with these dresses I'm hoping to offer myself an imaginary carrot at the end of a stick to help me get the stays finished.

 Regency Era

 This dress is described as a wedding dress but I really don't think I care. It's just too beautiful to resist.
 This dress someone has actually come up with a  pattern for. Unfortunately it's written in a different language...
I just adore the richness of the red in this gown, for me it personifies the Greek and Roman inspiration found in the Regency period.
Caroline Bingley might have a been a damn meanie but she had style.

I have to wonder if this would have been a dress worn strictly for a portrait or if this could be an evening or day dress.

Pre Regency Era 

This is the portrait of the Vicomtesse de Vaudreuil it was painted by Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun, she also painted several well known portraits of Marie Antoinette.

Hopefully I can get out of my funk and actually get some work done after this. 

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