Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Singer Red Eye 1912

For Christmas I picked up a Singer Red Eye at the Good Will. It isn't in the best of shape. But after some oiling it runs very smoothly.

According to the serial number on the Singer website this machine was manufactured in 1912. Most everything is still on the machine. Currently I need to replace a round felt piece for under the thread spool, the needle, the piece that holds the needle on and the belt. It even had a bobbin with thread on it still inside the machine.

The finish on the base and cabinet leaves a lot to be desired. Whoever owned this had been setting drinks on it. Sinners. I have no flights of fancy that this is worth anything. I paid $89.00 for it and even if i overpaid it went to a good cause. The plan now will be to replace the missing parts and refurbish the base and cabinet. Very pleasing.  ;)