Tuesday, April 11, 2017

HB Revolutionary War Event 2017

I finally managed to kit out the whole family! 
My husbands clothing are made from two patterns
J.P. Ryan Breeches and Butterick 3072 Coat, Waistcoat and Shirt.

There were a lot of "wins" going on in this outfit for me. First: I did this all in a about 2 weeks..all of it. That's including the boys clothes. And I finally completed those damn breeches, yes they are definitely not for the faint of heart. They run incredibly small, which made me try scaling a pattern for the first time. It just barely worked.

 My eldest son is wearing:
Granny's Attic Toddler Boys Suit (Knickerbockers), Shirt is loosely  based off of a diagram, Waistcoat is based off of Butterick 3072.

Bis E's clothing were not hard at all to construct. I made up the knickerbockers from the GA pattern easily. His shirt is made from a diagram I found on Pinterest, which is just rectangles and squares. The same as most any other 18th c shirt. I used the directions from here, to create a basic body block from his measurements and then drew in the lines for the vest. Not as hard as you might think.

My younger son is wearing:
Kanniks Korner Infant Clothing c. 1850-1800 Shirt, Frock, Bedgown and Boys Cap.

Little E's clothes are really wonderful. These were sewn by hand. I always enjoy the historical sewing techniques included with these patterns. Easy to follow and fun to make. This is if you like to hand sew, which I do. The only drawback is that the general public don't understand that this is how boys were dressed then. Poor guy got called a girl a lot. 

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