Monday, June 13, 2011

Peach Ruffled Petticoat

 Whew! This was hard work getting to the end of this. I started with the top of the ruffle exposed and trimmed with a pair of pinking sheers. But it was looking really weird and was just gettin on my nerves. It was just easier to do it this way instead.
So It hasn't been hammed yet I'm still waiting for my shoes so I can get the length correct. My dress form is around 2 or 3 inches shorter than me so it's bunching up on the floor. I followed the directions this time and put the gathers on the front to the sides to keep the front flatter.

So now I just have another one to make it white batiste. 
Petticoats are so not my favorite.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Robe a l'anglaise and everything else I can think of...

 Here are the pics of my latest dress project. I haven't gotten further than the bodice due to issues with adding the sleeve and getting it to fit. Grrrr. I took the bodice through a few levels of pairing down. I didn't care for how high the neckline of the bodice looked on my Polonaise. I don't really think it looked period either when i compared it to other examples I've seen in my new favorite book. Squee! ; ) (pics to follow)

 Here is the bodice with no alterations to the neckline.

 This is the first round of cutting. Almost there.

And the final product. Hopefully.....
On the inside I added three zip ties for stability to cut out the wrinkles. It was an absolute must. After my first go with this pattern set I'm trying to take the lessons I learned forward and use them here to make the process a lil smoother. 

I always have a few side projects that I work on when I get time and this decorative apron is one of them. I added a pattern to the white batiste with an iron on I found in the embroidery section at JoAnns.

 I sorta just winged it when I put this guy together. I guessed on the length and I'm pretty sure the fabric width is around 44 - 45" wide. I put a gathering stitch across the top, gave it a hem, sewed on the bias binding and that was that.

 As you can see I haven't exactly gotten very far yet. And I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing really but its just white work. I'd really love to learn the more complicated stitches and rock some real awesome embroidery.

Tackling the stupid straps on my stays has been on my mind for awhile. But I was sorta too afraid to mess with it. I threw caution to the wind and just did it though. I got tired of it half way through and set it down. It's just chillin in my sewing room right now.
It looks all nuby now.

I have a friend who's originally from Bengali, India and she gave me a couple of Sari's and the tops to go with em along with some other outfits so I can copy them and make a few. 

These are all hand sewn. Amazing much?

For my birthday and my anniversary I received some super awesome gifts from my mom and husband.
These scissors are friggin fantastic! Stainless steel from Italy and they have a spring action so when you push down they automatically push themselves open again. And the piece that holds them shut, gold plated. And man are they sharp! I barely nicked my arm with these bad boys and lemme tell ya I learned my lesson.  

And last but certainly not least a set of book that I've been dieing to get my hands on for forever now. 

Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th century