Sunday, June 17, 2012

1845 day dress

  Yesterday I got this project out and dusted it off. It got thrown over for another project, the 1912 Shawl Collar dress. Which at the time was all consuming and driving me mad.

Dress on right.
 So I did a little revising yesterday deciding that the idea of using the KCI gown as inspiration and trying the smocking was all well and good. But! The other style of dress in the pattern was far more simple and that would suit my first foray into this era much better.

That being said I wasn't exactly sure that I cared for the "Reveres" these being the extra bit of fabric that run from the shoulder to the bottom of the front side seam.

Please do excuse the photos I just didn't feel like putting on a corset that day.
So here is what I have thus far. I decided that I would add the optional sleeve jockey instead of the reveres. I personally am not in love with this dress yet. Yes I know it's just a plain white muslin but the sleeve jockeys are throwing me off. 
I'm leaning toward a style like this dress. For a spring and summer look. The entire point of this is to be ready to make another for this winter to wear to Dickens Festival.

I like the black and grey dress in the first plate and the green dress with black inverted chevrons in the second plate. Today I'm off the purchase fabric. Who knows what I'll bring home.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Titanic Exhibit Outing

 I know it's way past being important but I figured I'd throw this out there anyway.I can't even describe how hectic getting ready for this day was. Both my Mom's and my own dress were completed at around 3:00 am the day of the event. And then we got up at 7:00 and drove to San Diego about 45 min from my house.
 But overall if turned out to be fantastic. My very first event where I was wearing my own work. Also my first costumed event outside of a Ren Faire.
A great day overall.