Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ren Faire Dress Inspiration

I'm super excited about the portrait I found today while I was trolling the internet looking for something that might inspire me. And here is what I found. 
I just about died when I saw this dress, it's very similar to the patterns that I found on simplicity. In fact looking at each of them together its sort of a compilation of each pattern. I really like the look of the high collar and chemise but I also like the padded rolls on the shoulder. My next step would be to research what type of fabrics that I'd be allowed to use during this era. I'm always trying to keep my costs low seeing as how I believe that this pattern calls for something like eight yards of fabric. So it would be nice to be able to use something like a taffeta instead of silk to achieve the same look. I also plan on trying to make the jewelry as well to really have the complete look. Ugh and i don't even want to think about shoes, but if I invest in one good pair they will last me for a long time. So many things to think about!! 
As a side note last night I also finished a new chemise from the S&S pattern using a size small a only the front pattern piece for both the front and back. It's in the wash currently but I'll get some pics later.

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