Sunday, November 9, 2014

18th Century Picnic

Finally I've had the chance trot out my 18th century clothes.  I wore my brown linen J.P. Ryan jacket. Hand sewn BTW and it wore really well. No split seams I don't think. The green petti I made the night before and finished the morning of. I should have only used two panels of fabric instead of three because it was very heavy, also made from linen.
I wore my American Duchess Kensingtons with the Cavendish buckles. I had some trouble getting my buckles on, they just didn't want to go through the holes I made. I had to fight to get them in and now my shoes look a little wrinkled. But I figure they will acquire a lived in look anyway. I also broke my awl and then grabbed my scissors and punched a giant hole in one side. Thankfully it can't be seen. I've had the shoes for forever now and I was terrified of doing exactly what I did. Maybe ill just continue to look at my other shoes and not touch them.
  I didn't actually know anyone at the picnic but everyone was friendly. My husband ran off to a puppet show with E so it was a sink or swim moment.
The picnic was put on by Heather, the lady in the gold gown, very friendly herself. Overall it was good fun!