Friday, January 13, 2012

Laughing Moon Mercantile: #100 Ladies Victorian Underwear

Here is the Dore Straight Seam corset and the Silverado Bust Gore corset from Laughing Moon Mercantile. For this project I'll be using the Silverado style. The particular pattern was bequeathed to me by my mom she never did have the opportunity to make this so I'm giving it a go. Here is my mock up on the dress form.

Please do excuse the pink sports bra, I wanted to add a little in the bust department. But anyway I'll say right off the bat that the pattern was fairly easy to understand and it went together very quickly. But after I tried it on I've realized that I for sure didn't need a size D bust gore and the overall pattern size may just be too big.

I moseyed on over to the Great Pattern Review  to check out what others had thought of the pattern. I did read a few comments that said the pattern did run slightly large. Also that if you intend to tight lace at all with the corset it would be best to add the optional hip gores as well, otherwise it tends to just squish things all over. I don't intend to tight lace but I do want to achieve a period correct shape. Hmm certainly food for thought. I'll be remaking the mock up with a smaller (size B or C) bust gore and using a smaller seam allowance to see if i can't remedy this.

My lovely Mother also gave me the busk and metal boning (Squee for actual metal boning!) she had purchased along with various other patterns and fabric. I'm sure those will eventually end up on the blog at some point.

Included in the pattern is a chemise and open drawers. Id like to see if I can take these on as hand sewing projects. To gently ease myself into that realm without blowing my mind completely.

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