Sunday, February 19, 2012

1912 Dress Inspiration

 I've finally been able to jump on the band wagon and try to make myself a dress to wear to the San Diego Titanic Exhibit. I am beyond excited, I've been green with envy watching everyone making theirs. But now I get to participate although I'm quite behind. And I haven't yet decided on a pattern! Currently I'm torn between two patterns/ideas. I also started Downton Abby last night which is greatly influencing my already befuddled mind.

I apologize for the picture but here is the Reconstructing History Ladies 1910s Three-Button Suit. This would be great seeing as it feel like it would be meant more for traveling and visiting. But would cost more to make and could possibly make me want to commit murderous acts upon my sewing machine.

But after watching Downton Abby last night I had the idea to just go with something simple and easy. Going this route might save me some money and would still be lovely.

I like this pattern from Rocking Horse Farm for their 1915 New Empire Day Dress. I could see editing this and adding on to make it work for the inspiration I found.

The dress on the right of each picture worn by Laura Carmichael in episode 7 at the garden party really caught my eye. Very simple accessories and dress and the same for the other two as well.

Sometimes I build up extraordinarily high standards in my mind and then try to force myself to accomplish them without the skills necessary to do so. So this might be the better route to go. It just looks comfortable. I worry about my corset though. I'm uncertain if I will have time to make another for the teens and might have to end up wearing my Victorian one instead. Although it might be smarter to take the busk out of my Regency stays and wear it loosely. Because going sans corset just doesn't seem right with my shape.

To add to my confusion I ordered Patterns of Fashion 1860-1940 the other day and am awaiting its arrival. It it has something more interesting and doable I might forgo a pattern from a store. This could be risky but I might be able to work on two simultaneously. Still excited and eager to get working! Wish me luck  ;)


Time Traveling in Costume said...

I'd be VERY CAREFUL with the Reconstructing History pattern. In fact, make sure its been tested before you put out that kind of money. That happened to me with one of her Regency patterns. Hadn't been tested, and had been graded up wrong, and was a total loss financially for me.
Here's another idea, take a look at Hints of History's 1912 and 1910 Kimono patterns. Try to erase the shawl collar from the 1912 and you can see the lines of a teens dress. I have it but haven't made it yet, but the lines are simple and looks an easy construction.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

Sorry, forgot the link to Hints of History.

Kate said...

Great suggestion! I hadn't yet heard of the Hint of History Patterns.