Sunday, November 9, 2014

18th Century Picnic

Finally I've had the chance trot out my 18th century clothes.  I wore my brown linen J.P. Ryan jacket. Hand sewn BTW and it wore really well. No split seams I don't think. The green petti I made the night before and finished the morning of. I should have only used two panels of fabric instead of three because it was very heavy, also made from linen.
I wore my American Duchess Kensingtons with the Cavendish buckles. I had some trouble getting my buckles on, they just didn't want to go through the holes I made. I had to fight to get them in and now my shoes look a little wrinkled. But I figure they will acquire a lived in look anyway. I also broke my awl and then grabbed my scissors and punched a giant hole in one side. Thankfully it can't be seen. I've had the shoes for forever now and I was terrified of doing exactly what I did. Maybe ill just continue to look at my other shoes and not touch them.
  I didn't actually know anyone at the picnic but everyone was friendly. My husband ran off to a puppet show with E so it was a sink or swim moment.
The picnic was put on by Heather, the lady in the gold gown, very friendly herself. Overall it was good fun!


Time Traveling in Costume said...

Wait, you *knew* me but then I didn't recognize you out of your Titanic dress that we both were wearing last time we saw each other.
I was wearing the white and blue floral short jacket over red petti. I didn't get around much cuz I wore myself out carrying my stuff the 1/4 mile from my car and I'm sorry I didn't get a closer look at your gown. But I did admire it.
It was nice to have you join us again.

Kate said...

Yes! I had seen your post about your jacket and meant to chat with you about it. It turned out wonderful by the way. And I agree even after taking the tram in I was pretty tired myself. I hope I can make it out again soon.